Proyect 8

Here you will find some information on the different projects BQS has carried out and is still carrying out. Would you have any specific questions on any of these, please do contact us

Grupo Superior

A major player in the cookie and pasta producing world, Ecuador based Grupo Superior sought the implementation of HACCP and GMP for their processes. BQS assisted with training, manual reviews and periodical audits. Once finalized the process and the certification obtained, the company prepared herself for ISO 22000, process initiated by BQS.

KFC Ecuador

The company indicated to wish GMP and HACCP were to implemented in their business model. After a series of trainings and manual development, the implementation process was initiated. Physical improvements were made and the working method´s were adapted to ensure food safe produce would be delivered.

International Development Bank - IDB

Ecuador is one of the major flower producing countries in the world and the national standard Flor Ecuador had to be benchmarked against the eight most common international standards in the world, FlorVerde, GlobalGAP, MPS, Veriflora, FLO, FLP, Rainforest Alliance, FFP. The total project took eight months to finalize and the results have been used to improve the standard used today and formed the basis for the follow-up project.


By far the most challenging assignment, providing the Dutch supermarkets with full insight in the complete value chain. By performing audits in France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Colombia, BQS assures the confidence the Dutch supermarkets have in the produce. For this assignment BQS has appointed five different auditors and all findings are published on a reserved site for Superunie. The scope of the project is ever changing and covers food safety, social issues, product quality and traceability.


The largest cash and carry, among the five biggest supermarkets in Europe. BQS carried out second party audits for the Dutch section of this chain and developed a set of clauses based on HACCP and GlobalGAP to assure the produce would meet the company´s criteria.


The export promotion cooperation for Ecuador requested several manuals to be written. In three different contracts the services of BQS were requested and on primary production the manuals for pineapple, lemon and papaya were developed while for processing the manuals for milk processing, herbs, jams, cocoa, nougat, banana flour and grains were developed.

Fundación Cooperación al Desarrollo y Promoción de Actividades, CODESPA

The assignment implied creating a traceability system for small scale producers crops, linking the final produce to the primary producer and the related processes. BQS developed CITM (see the section links) and created a system where all audit data on GlobalGAP, BPM and HACCP is linked to the records pertaining to each of the standards. The module was completed with socioeconomic data, allowing the consumer to identify himself with the grower. A secondary element of the assignment was to develop quality manuals for ten local products.

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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The project at hand was implementing GlobalGAP in Kenya and Senegal, getting 500 small scale growers in Kenya and 200 in Senegal up to standard. The biggest challenge proved to be the cost factor, as individual certification seemed too expensive a solution. The different groups obtained their certification after one year of hard work, together with the driven people in both countries. Back-up form the Dutch supermarkets and stakeholders as well as the local intermediaries aided to bring this project to a great success.


Ecuador is known for high quality cocoa and the certification process needed a make over. BQS reviewed the ongoing processes and elaborated a manual to cover all aspects related to the certification process of cocoa. A second assignment for BQS was a complete revision of the ongoing activities in Organic Agriculture, where a new manual was needed to keep the process transparent and the produce´s integrity assured.


As leading consultant for this processed meat company, BQS assisted with the implementation of GMP and HACCP principles. Together with Embutser´s qualified team, BQS developed several manuals and procedures. The staff received training on GMP and HACCP to assure the knowledge would always remain with the company.

Uyama Farms

The first avocado oil processing company in Ecuador wanted to start her activities the right way and simultaneously sought GMP and ISO 22000 implementation together with her growing production. BQS trained the staff of the company and developed the manuals in cooperation with the technical staff of the company.

Dutch Farmers, Poland

The company needed to implement GlobalGAP and HACCP for their primary production and processing plant. The manual was co-edited by BQS and the implementation monitored during regular visits, resulting both systems sucessfully certified.


Two separate missions were conducted for the CBI to Jordan where, in cooperation with JEPA, a training program had been rolled out to train local specialists on GAP and HACCP auditing. the first mission included three specialists, the second six. The two weeks trips were rounded of in success, as several of the candidates qualified as auditors by performing audits under supervision at local producers.



BQS Inspections



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