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linksThe BQS Inspection module has been developed the first time in 2007 and has been updated annually, to assure the system covers the most important issues need to assure food-safety, product integrity and social issues. Each of the users has access to her own information, while other levels of users can access either more or less information. The whole is complete with graphs and each year a brief report is drafted detailing the recommendations for the coming season.
CITM stands for Quality, Food-Safety, Traceability and Monitoring (Spanish) and can be accessed partly via the link. The concept of the module is to link the end produce to the primary producer, displaying all activities and links involved in the production process. Registered users have access to socio economical statistics, HACCP, GMP and Global GAP records for each of the entities involved, while the non-registered can trace his or her purchased produce on-line. This module covers 6.000 small scale producers and ten different products.

{tab Acerta}


Based in Madrid, the certification body offers an ample scope of systems to be certified. Specialists with the knowhow and the competent back office you seek for your audits.

{tab DQS}


DQS performs quality control all over the world, according to the most stringent parameters. Via an online system you are kept up to date on all aspects of the procured goods.

{tab AgriQ}


Laboratory services specialized in agricultural, horticultural and floricultural residue analysis. Your partner if you need to be sure about MRL compliance of your produce.

{tab Agrivita}


Based in Costa Rica, Agrivita will assist you on any project related to the improvement of your processes. As a specialist on biological processes, you will find in Agrivita your sparring partner.

{tab Bonsucro}


Initiated only a few years ago, Bonsucro has become the leading certification for the sugar cane industry, being the only metric standard allowing to compare social, environmental and production.

{tab ECAS}


A world wide certification body located in the Netherlands, covering the most important quality systems. Local auditors assure comprehensive audits and professional approach for each audit.

{tab GlobalGAP}


The international standard for primary production, covering all types of produce and requested by the major supermarkets. Review the documents online and call us if you have any questions.

{tab MPS}


Scheme owner for environment, GAP and social standards, active in around 50 countries. Continuous development of the standards make the MPS standards world leaders in the floriculture.

{tab NOGAL}


Based in Costa Rica, NOGAL can assist you on the implementation of several QMS focused on agricultural projects, specially for small scale farming and implementation of their QMS.

{tab SCS Global Services}

SCS Global Services

One of the larger certification bodies operating world-wide. Regional offices assure the technical assistance, customer focus and knowledge of the experts is pertaining to your market.

{tab Sica AgriQ}

Sica AgriQ

As a daughter company of AgriQ, Sica is located in the south of Spain and offers the same high quality services as AgriQ for the Spanish market, boasting sector confidence.

{tab Superunie}


One of the major collective purchasing companies in The Netherlands, aiming at continuous improvement and sustainability of their produce purchased world wide.