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Leen Klaassen

General Manager

Owner of BQS and primary consultant. Leen has worked with around 25 different quality systems and has trained over 50 internal auditors and 20 third party auditors in different countries in the world. Currently based in Ecuador, Leen covers the Americas and a part of Eastern Africa as an auditor for ECAS, coordinates all second party audits for Superunie and performs Bonsucro audits for SCSGlobal.

Please review the work-log for an overview of the activities and the CV for more information and contact him at

CV Leen Klaassen

CV Leen Klaassen ESP


Jimena Andrade

Commercial Manager

Specialist on international commerce and analyst. Jimena´s unique capabilities to assess processes in general in combination with her former position as project manager for organically grown flowers, make her a specialist in process optimization for general quality management systems and project development. Jimena assists BQS on second party inspections and administrative issues.

Please review the CV for more information and contact her at


Nathalia Erazo


Agricultural Engineer graduated from the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Ejército, she has specialized in implementation projects of agricultural, livestock and food safety standards. Expert in quality management systems, manages standards such as: GlobalGAP, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Organic Certification, BPM, ISO 9001 and ISO17025, among others. She has executed more than 2000 hours of audits. Her professional approach and dynamism has led her to work in the training area with more than 1500 hours of training for professionals, small or medium producers.

Please review the CV for more information and contact him at

CV Nathalia Erazo


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